Company profile

Suzhou GZM Medical Co., Ltd was founded in 2017 and located at Suzhou City. It is about 30 minutes to Shanghai by speed train. We focus on single use solution. We are specialized in single use products for endoscopy and ENT procedures. We could provide ODM and customized solution with customers. All products have certified to CE conformity. The manufacturing process has been certified to ISO13485 as well. We have a good RA and R&D team for single use products of endoscopy and ENT procedures. We could delivery better single use and cost effective solution and products to customers.

We provide the endoscopy bite blocks (with different open size used for pediatric, adult and with oxygen connector), biopsy valves (compatible Olympus®, Pentax® and Fujinon®), polyp traps and channeling tubing for endoscopy procedures with endoscopes of Olympus®, Pentax® and Fujinon®. We also have tissue retrieval bags for laparoscopic surgery.


Suzhou GZM Medical Co,. Ltd


Phone:+86 15162434360

Tel:+86 512-65575235

Add:Room 1612, Building 8, Shi Shan Tian Jie Living Plaza, New District, 215011 Suzhou, Jiang Su, People’s Republic of China